Led by Adam Roberts

Private coaching sessions with Adam Roberts are offered in musical theatre and contemporary vocal styles such as pop, folk, rock, etc. Coaching packages are tailored to each student’s unique goals and may include work toward preparing upcoming auditions, building a rep book, bolstering technique, expanding range, and strengthening a variety of performance skills. Coachings are available for adults from beginning through professional levels, and to advanced high school students.

Dec 1, 8, & 15  (3–1hr. sessions)  Saturdays   9am-2:30 pm   $241
Dec 4, 11, & 18   (3–1hr. sessions)   Tuesdays   10am-5 pm   $241
Dec 6, 13, & 20   (3–1hr. sessions)  Thursdays   10am-5 pm   $241



Several teachers at The Actor’s School offer private studies to older teens and adults. Areas of study range from auditioning for film and stage, Shakespeare, Voice, Monologues and more.

Contact the school for more information. 512.223.7219 or






Led by Brittany Flurry

This is a beginning to advanced beginning acting class focusing on work for the camera. The emphasis is on developing a naturalistic acting style through connection, honesty, and vulnerability, and following intuitive impulse. The students’ work will be explored through improvisation, games, exercises and scene study from film and television scripts.  Some videotaping and playback will be used for critique.

Aug 28-Oct 2  (6 weeks)   Tuesdays   6:30-9:30pm   $201  DRAM 3010 100   CLASS IS FULL

Oct 16-Nov 13  (6 weeks)   Tuesdays  6:30-9:30pm   $201   DRAM 3010 101  CLASS IS FULL 

Brittany’s Syllabus



1st session led by Rick Roemer, 2nd session led by Brittany Flurry

Our most popular class series! A gentle approach conducive to the beginner, this class will focus predominantly on scene study for film and stage. Learn how to establish meaningful and honest relationships through the art of active listening and responding. Learn the tools necessary to be “believable.” Develop your imaginative capacities, unleash your creative impulses, deepen your intuition, and sharpen the analytical skills necessary to “break down” a scene. There may be some on-camera work in this class.

Sep 13-Oct 25 (6 weeks)   Thursdays   6:30-9:30pm   $201   DRAM 3034 100  (no class Oct. 11) CLASS IS FULL

Oct 29-Dec 3 (6 weeks)   Mondays   6:30-9:30pm    $201  DRAM 3034 101  CLASS IS FULL with waitlist

General Beginning Acting Syllabus



See Babs George in DOUBT Trinity Street Theatre, produced by The City Theatre – Nov 8-25 (No performance Thanksgiving)

Led by Babs George

This is a beginning to advanced beginning class that focuses on delineating the function of left and right hemispheres of the brain for the purpose of learning how to access creative and intuitive impulses, thus strengthening one’s acting. Imagination exercises, improvisation and cold reading from stage and film scripts will be used to explore this process. The hope is to free the actor from the left-brain chatter in the “moment of acting.”

Oct 24-Dec 5   (6 weeks)   Wednesdays   6:30-9:30pm   $201   DRAM 3001 100  (No class 11/21) 

Creativity Syllabus


PAGE TO PERFORMANCE -More in the spring!

Led by Craig Nigh

This class is a must for film and television actors, particularly for auditions! Craig Nigh offers a step by step process for examining scripts quickly and thoroughly. Having a clear perception of the writer’s intentions will help inform the choices an actor makes and gives ultimate creative freedom inside the context of the story. The class also focuses on connection (with another actor or reader), and basic camera technique. Scenes are filmed for playback and critique.

Sep 13-Oct 18   (6 weeks)   Thursdays   11am-2pm   $201   DRAX 3062 100

Read more about Craig here



Led by Nick Stevenson

This class is for students with previous film acting training. The instructor focuses on achieving a naturalistic acting style through honesty and vulnerability. The emphasis is on energy, personal power, personality, and enjoyment. The students’ work will be explored through improvisation and scene study from film and television scripts with some videotaping and playback for critique. Suggested prerequisite: Two or more beginning acting classes, Acting II for Film & Stage, or other previous acting training/experience.

Aug 28-Oct 2   (6 weeks)   Tuesdays   6:30-9:30pm   $201   DRAX 3003 100

Oct 23-Nov 27   (6 weeks)   Tuesdays   6:30-9:30pm   $201   DRAX 3003 100  Canceled     

Nick’s Syllabus


ACTING II FOR FILM & STAGE Postponed until Spring due to Performance conflict

Led by Rick Roemer

This pre-intermediate course is for students who have taken previous beginning acting classes and would like to build upon the foundation they have received. Students will practice scene study and/or monologue work. The focus will be on strengthening scene breakdown, listening and responding to one’s scene partner and following one’s inner impulses. Additionally, students will explore their imaginative responses and emotional accessibility.

Nov 13-Dec 11   (5 weeks)   Tuesdays   6:30-9:30pm   $171   DRAM 9002 100



Led by John Ratliff

Great for the actor and non-actor alike, this class is appropriate for complete beginners as well as those with previous acting or improv experience. Learn to play! To connect!  To heighten your awareness and get outside of your comfort zone allowing you to be more spontaneous and flexible. Learn improvisation exercises to think on the spot, manipulate your physicality, and create characters in the moment.

Postponed until Spring (6 weeks)   Wednesdays   6:30-9:30pm   $201   DRAX 4042 101  

Improvisation Syllabus




Led by Paula Russell

In this one-day, 5-hour course, the focus will be on what it means to be a working actor. We will cover what makes a good headshot, review resumes, and go over the “7” simple steps to a great agent interview.’ Students will practice audition etiquette and technique from entering the room to slating, to working with copy and improvising. Part of the day will focus on self taped vs. live Film/TV auditions. Workshop is suitable for anyone with previous training and experience who is interested in pursuing acting and seeking representation. There will be one 20-minute break. Please bring a sack lunch.

Sep 15   (1 week)   Saturday   10-3pm   $71   DRAX 3034 100

Biz Syllabus






Led by Nick Stevenson

This ongoing intermediate to advanced class is for actors who are serious about acting and their training. More advanced students may already be auditioning and working.  In this course, actors will have the opportunity to refine the necessary skills for success by improving their film acting technique, cold reading skills, and gaining greater ease in the audition environment. Through in-depth scene study, actors learn how to evaluate material, make choices, and arrive on set present and confident. Scenes are filmed for playback and critique. Maximum of 10 students. Instructor approval required. Email headshot and resume to:

Sep 24-Oct 29   (6 weeks)   Mondays   6:30-9:30pm   $201   DRAX 3045 100  

Nov 12-Dec 10   (5 weeks)   Mondays   6:30-9:30pm   $168   DRAX 3045 102

Rolling! Syllabus




Postponed until Spring due to Performance conflict

Led by Babs George

This class is for the actor interested in unveiling the mysteries of Shakespeare’s verse by understanding the meter, poetic forms and rhetoric Shakespeare so deftly employed.  Using monologues and scene work, the students will have an opportunity to shape their character’s intentions, passions and thoughts through understanding the structure of the verse line.  This class is for beginning to advanced acting students who may be new to Shakespeare.  If you have a monologue you’d like to work on, bring to the first class, otherwise I will help you find one. Monologues: 1-2 minutes in length. Class size limited to 10 students. 

Nov 1-Dec 6   (5 weeks)   Thursdays   6:30-9:30pm   $171   DRAX 4023 101   (No class 11/22)  

Shakespeare Verse Syllabus



Led by MJ Vandivier

The voice is the most important tool for effective communication. Discover how you can make a great first impression with your voice or talk for hours without losing steam. Mj Vandivier, a Certified Lessac Voice & Body Trainer, leads and grounds students in the process of voice dynamics. From body-voice warm-ups to the most effective ways to master your “instrument,” Mj will guide you to a greater awareness and use of the power of your own natural voice. The last 3 classes of the session will focus on Radio Theater. Students will rehearse and record a performance in a drama or comedy radio show from the archives of Classic Radio Theater. This class is recommended prior to Dialect training. There is a $15 materials fee included in tuition.

Aug 30-Oct 25   (8 weeks)   Thursdays   6:30-9:30pm   $256   DRAM 3019 100   (No class 9/6)

Speaking Voice Syllabus


ACCENT REDUCTION  –Class is full

Led by Mj Vandivier

Is your accent limiting your effective communication in your professional and personal relationships? And for the actor, is your regional dialect keeping you from working? In our Accent Reduction Class, led by Certified Lessac Voice & Speech Trainer Mj Vandivier, you will learn a simple, proven methodology to modify accent usage, reduce unwanted regionalisms, and strengthen overall speech. Limited to 8 students.  There is a $10 materials fee included in tuition.
Oct 9-Nov 13   (6 weeks)   Tuesdays   6:30-9:30pm   $201   DRAX 3024 100

Accent Reduction Syllabus



Led by Mj Vandivier

In the Fall we’re offering Irish and German. Instructor Mj Vandivier, practicing certified Lessac teacher, encourages actors to not only speak well but also have the ability to step into a variety of accents whenever they are asked to do so. The Lessac approach to dialects is one of the easiest to understand, yet most comprehensive methods to learn. The need for accessing different accents continues to grow for voice over actors with games and apps as well as for film and the stage. There is a $15 materials fee included in tuition.

Nov 1-Dec 6   (5 weeks)   Thursdays   6:30-9:30pm   $181   DRAX 3017 100   (No class 11/22)
Dialects Syllabus


Note to Students: OUR PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTORS will have “gigs” from time to time during their class session and we will have a substitute teacher, of equal experience, take over for that evening.  This can be a great thing in terms of getting another eye on your work.  Should this occur, don’t miss class, but anticipate the possibilities of learning something new from a different perspective.