My Approach to Teaching:

The joy of acting is getting to live in the moment. There are key technical skills and ways to prepare a script – and we’ll cover those – but the best way to learn is by getting up and doing it! I want to have you active and working for as much time as possible each class. I believe you make the best discoveries by experimenting, getting notes on your performance, and watching yourself back.

Ultimately, I want to build your confidence so that every time you’re in front of a camera, you can focus on listening and trusting your instincts – that’s what makes a performance come to life!

My perspectives on Training for the Industry:

  • The more experience you have, the more comfortable you’ll be walking into any room. Get accustomed to being on camera with student films, short films, web series, and background work. Even find a gig as a production assistant for a day! 
  • Every teacher and every class has something to offer – pick what’s useful for you.
  • Put yourself in weird and random situations. Treat every experience (good and bad) as something to draw on for a future role!
  • Make sure your materials are always up-to-date and reflect your best work. A top-notch website or a striking headshot can be the difference between booking a job and getting passed over.

Meet Jacqui Calloway: 

Jacqui is a SAG-AFTRA member and spent time acting in Los Angeles, where she appeared on Rosewood (FOX), The Inspectors (CBS), and as a series regular in the CW Seed’s I Ship It. Here in Texas, she has performed onstage with New Manifest Theater, Jarrott Productions, & Three Willows Theater, earning a B. Iden Payne Award for Lead Performer in A Digital Production in 2021. Recent commercials include work for Bud Light, Amazon, Discover, Laurel Road, Giant Grocery & Nisolo. A strong believer in arts education, Jacqui is certified to teach elementary school in Texas and works for The Paramount Theater’s Literacy to Life program as a teaching artist and ensemble member. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Dartmouth College and has studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop, and the Relativity School.

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