My Approach to Teaching:

My approach is very gentle and embodying. We explore and try little experiments to bring the student into more personal awareness. Curiosity is encouraged. My hope is that each student finds a more grounded, dynamically aligned, and relaxed connection with their body and their voice. We work from the inside out to find a place of personal power and move and express from there.

I come to our work together free of judgment and with practical intent. The instincts, ease, and playfulness from my own performing experience balance my therapeutic expertise to create a comfortable and open environment. Thanks to training, certifications, and a broad collection of tools, I stand ready to navigate whatever may arise in the work of unearthing what blocks people from giving a full performance with freedom and honesty. I hope you’ll enter my class knowing that you are in a safe space to dive deep into whatever is standing in your way.


My Perspective On Training For The Industry:

Flexibility is key. You must choose how you use your voice for each job. You have to know what you are doing to discover and implement other ways.


Meet Linda Nenno:

Linda Nenno was born in NYC, raised and educated in Colorado, and then went back to NYC to pursue a career in Broadway. She passed through Los Angeles for a few years in the Television industry, then to Austin, Texas, where she directs and performs. Her specialty is Shakespeare and Sondheim musicals. Recently, she starred in Susan Busa’s film Sleepover and Brandon Polanco’s Earth Mother. Linda teaches Voice and Diction and Acting at Texas State University in San Marcos and has a Theatre coaching studio in South Austin.