My Approach to Teaching:

Is to keep it simple, stupid. We often try to make things more difficult than they are by trying to be interesting. Be yourself and simplify things. You’ll benefit greatly. It’s much easier to give advice and lend direction when you’re actively persuing acting and auditioning regularly so I approach teaching as lending an ear and guiding the actor regardless of level in the right direction. Let the imagination feed you.

My perspective to training:

Is practical. Common sense, listen, react. Like anything, the more you train the better you get. It’s a no brainer. Continue to challenge yourself. Hunt for the truth and be open to try a multitude of things. There’s no right or wrong way so build on your instincts, your tools, expand your knowledge and trust your gut. Continue to work hard and strive to do things as effortlessly as you can. The more experienced you are the easier it comes. Remember, it’s never easy, it’s just your job to make it look easy.

Meet Nick Stevenson:

Nick Stevenson is an Australian born actor currently based in Austin, Texas. Most recently, he can be seen on AMC’s The Son as businessman and Phines’s love interest, Fred Bernhauer. Previously he was on Netflix’s hit show, Orange is the New Black, as Pete Harper and currently a small contribution in the upcoming Nat Geo series The Long Road Home as LTC White.

What most people don’t know about Nick Stevenson, is that he is related to Robert Stevenson, the well-known Hollywood Director of such Disney classics as Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and The Love Bug.

Stevenson worked on the award winning film Isn’t It Delicious alongside Kathleen Chalfant, Keir Dullea and Tony-award winning Alice Ripley. The film won first place at the Rainier International Film Festival and best comedy at the Manhattan Film Festival, as well as runner-up at the Tupelo Film Festival.

Stevenson has appeared on many hit shows including Cinemax’s Girls Guide to Depravity and a guest-star role opposite Jim Caviezel in the CBS drama, Person of Interest. He has also worked alongside the likes of Pierce Brosnan, Taylor Schilling, Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Biggs to name a few. He has performed at The Comic Strip NYC, Broadway Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club, and has also worked with the legendary Jerry Seinfeld.

Nick Stevenson’s voice can be heard on several international ad campaigns including commercials for Gillette, Miller Light, Energizer Batteries, British Airways, The Sydney Morning Herald, Louis Vuitton, McDonald’s, Outback Steakhouse and The Weinstein Company.

In between gigs, Stevenson is working on multiple screenplays. He has three completed screenplays he plans on shooting in Texas 2017/18 and a teleplay titled The Bradman’s, which is in development.

In 2006, Nick co-founded The Outhouse Theatre Company with fellow Aussie and long-time pal, Jeremy Waters, which is dedicated to the cultivation and development of both emerging and established Australian theater artists. Currently, The Outhouse Theater Company, is one of the most sought-after companies in Sydney.

Stevenson graduated from The Atlantic Theater Company’s Conservative Acting School in 2002. Since then, he has performed in many productions all around the country and upstate (in his Summer stock days). Some of his favorite theater credits include: Balm in Gilead, Careless Love, He Died with a Falafel in His Hand, Bed and How The Other Half Loves, by Alan Ayckbourn. In 2007, for his love of theater, Stevenson traveled to Greece with the One Year Lease Troupe and performed in Widows and Reader by Ariel Dorfman. Reader was also performed at The New York Fringe Festival and received praises from critics.

For now, Stevenson chooses to hang his hat in Austin while producing, directing, teaching. When the opportunity is there he will often use students from the classes he teaches for some of his films.

Upcoming Shows:

The Long Road HomeProduction has begun on the National Geographic miniseries, “The Long Road Home,” which details the events of “Black Sunday,” April 4, 2004, when a 1st Cavalry Division platoon was ambushed in Sadr City, Iraq, and the rescue missions to save them, days into their yearlong deployment. Filming is ongoing at several locations across Fort Hood.

See Nick in AMC’s The Son! World Premiere at SXSW!nick-the-son