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Acting Fundamentals

Led by Rick Roemer or Jacqui Calloway, this playful approach to the actor’s craft is conducive to the beginner. This class provides individuals the opportunity to experience living in the imaginary world of a character and a story while expanding their own self-expression and emotional life. Participants will learn to investigate a script and explore their own intuition through games, exercises, and scenes from film or stage. This class is designed to be taken more than once, as it is different in meaningful ways each time — ever-changing with the instructor, fellow students, and the material chosen for the class. While we are a professional training school, our beginning courses are for anyone who is curious about acting, seeking to expand their creativity, wanting a new challenge — or just to have fun. Rick’s Beginning Acting Syllabus

Jan 10 – Feb 14   (6 weeks)    Tuesday   11am-2pm   $226    DRAM 3034 200  Syn 60677 Highland Campus StudioRick

Jan 27 – Feb 23  (6 weeks)     Mondays 10:30am-1:30pm    $226   DRAM 3034 204   Syn 62668  Highland Campus Studio – Jacqui

Feb 1 – Mar 8      (6 weeks)    Wednesdays     6:30-9:30pm    $226    DRAM 3034 201  Syn 60678  Northridge Campus – Rick 

Feb 22 – Apr 5    (6 weeks)    Wednesdays     6:30-9:30pm    $226    DRAM 3034 206  Syn 64815  South Austin Campus – Jacqui (limited to 12 students)

Apr 22 – May 27    (6 weeks)    Saturdays     10:00-12:30pm    $191    DRAM 3034 205  Syn 64814 South Austin Campus – Jacqui (limited to 10 students)


Acting On Camera

Led by Tony Sears or Craig Nigh, this is a beginning-to-intermediate class focusing on acting for the camera. It is required that you have had at least a basic acting class before joining — such as Acting Fundamentals or equivalent. The emphasis is on developing a naturalistic acting style through connection, honesty, vulnerability, and following intuitive impulses. The students’ work will be explored through exercises and scene study from film and television scripts. Some videotaping and playback will be used for critique. For online class: Limited to 8 students. Platform: Zoom *Materials needed:  internet connection & audio/video capability with computer or tablet. Tony’s Acting On Camera Syllabus  
In-person class limited to 12 students.  Craig’s Acting On Camera Syllabus

Jan 11 – Feb 15  (6 weeks)   Wednesdays    6:30-8:30pm   $166    DRAM 3010 210   Syn 60576  (Online-Zoom) – Tony 

Mar 1 – Apr 12  (6 weeks)     Wednesdays   6:30-8:30pm  $166    DRAM 3010 211   Syn 60577   (Online-Zoom) Tony 

Apr 11 – May 16  (6 weeks)   Tuesdays   6:30-9:30pm  $226    DRAM 3010 200   Syn 60676  Highland Campus Studio – Craig 


Acting Explorations

Led by Rick Roemer, this course is for those who have had previous acting training, such as Acting Fundamentals. Using scenes or monologues, the focus will be on strengthening text analysis and following inner impulses to create a powerful need to speak. The work in class will enliven the imagination and increase emotional availability and vulnerability for the actor. This class can be taken more than once, as it is different each time with new students and new scenes to explore. Limited to 10 students. Rick’s Acting Explorations Syllabus 

Jan 19 – Feb 23    (6 weeks)    Thursdays    6:30-9:30pm    $226    DRAM 9002 201   Syn 64835  Highland Campus

Mar 28 – May 2    (6 weeks)     Tuesdays     6:30-9:30pm    $226    DRAM 9002 200   Syn 60682  Northridge Campus  



Acting on Camera II

Led by Tony Sears, this class is for students with professional experience and/or previous film acting training. Tony Sears focuses on achieving an honest and vulnerable performance for the camera. The emphasis is on energy and making choices that highlight the actor’s power to tell a story. Students will explore the work through scene study from film and television scripts with some videotaping and playback for evaluation. Suggested prerequisite: Two or more beginning acting classes, Acting Explorations, or other previous acting training/experience. Materials needed: internet connection & audio/video capability with computer or tablet; updated (free) Zoom account. Tony’s Acting on Camera II Syllabus

Apr 26 – May 31  (6 weeks)    Wednesdays    6:30-8:30pm    $166  DRAX 3003 210   Syn  60579  Online- Zoom



Advanced Scene Study

Led by Rick Roemer, this ten-week course is available only with instructor approval. Participants are expected to have had Acting Explorations, Ongoing Scene Study or other comparable training. Advanced Scene Study is the best opportunity for actors to flex their acting muscles and refine their craft on a consistent basis — a weekly workout with a community of peers. Actors will test their performance abilities in a safe and playful environment, using realistic scenes both comedic and dramatic. Expand your comfort zone, dive into character and gain more confidence in your art and your craft! Limited to 10 students.

Jan 7 – Mar 11   (10 weeks)   Saturdays   10am – 1pm   $361   DRAX 3084 200  Syn 60689 Northridge Campus 



We encourage acting class participants to take advantage of all the Voice/Speech/Dialect/Singing classes and Audition/Business classes offered by The Actor’s School!


Private Coaching

Several teachers at The Actor’s School offer private studies to older teens and adults. Areas of study range from auditioning for film and stage, Shakespeare, Voice, Monologues and more. Contact the school for more information at theactorsschool@austincc.edu


Where our classes are held:

ACC Highland Campus – 6101 Highland Campus Dr, Austin, TX 78752, Bldg 4000 in our Studio – details sent upon registration.
ACC South Austin Campus – 1820 W Stassney Ln, Austin, TX 78745 – Room number and details sent upon registration.
ACC Northridge Campus – 11928 Stonehollow Dr, Austin, TX 78758 – Room number and details sent upon registration.