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Training the Speaking Voice

Led by Adam Roberts, this class is intended for anyone desiring to increase the power and impact of his or her speaking voice. Training in healthy vocal production is an essential part of speaking intentionally in any situation, from the stage or screen to the classroom or boardroom. In this course, you’ll learn a variety of techniques for preparing and utilizing your natural voice to speak confidently in a variety of environments. The first few classes will focus on active exercises designed to healthily engage the various aspects of vocal production, while the final sessions will practically apply what you’ve learned to scenes, speeches, interpersonal communication, or presentations. Limited to 10 students. Adam’s Training the Speaking Voice Syllabus

Jan 30 – Mar 6   (6 weeks)   Mondays   6:30-9:30pm    $216   DRAX 3064 200   Syn 60698   Highland Campus Studio


Foundations of Singing

Led by Adam Roberts, this course provides an introduction to vocal technique for the beginning singer. Students will have the opportunity to sing both individually and as part of a group. This class is ideal for anyone who desires to gain a foundational knowledge of singing, including stage and film actors. Students are encouraged to focus on the musical styles that most interest them, with support from the instructor in identifying specific song choices. By the end of the course, participants will have become better acquainted with the unique qualities of their individual voices. No prior singing experience necessary. Limited to 10 students. Adam’s Foundations of Singing  Syllabus

Apr 20 – May 25   (6 weeks)   Thursdays   6:30-9:30pm    $226   DRAX 3038 200   Syn 60685   Highland Campus Studio Class is full!


Introduction to Voiceover

Led by Cliff Miller, this course is for actors and curious individuals wanting to learn more about the world of voiceover. We will cover acting for voiceover, home studio setup, mic technique, and recording and editing. Through analyzing, performing, and critiquing voiceover copy, we will focus on commercial and narration. Limited to 8 students. Materials needed: internet connection & audio/video capability with computer or tablet; updated (free) Zoom account. Cliff’s Intro to Voiceover Syllabus  

Jan 10 – Feb 14  (6 weeks)   Tuesdays   6-8:30pm  $186    DRAX 3068 210   Syn  60584  Online/Zoom  Class is full

Jan 23 – Feb 27  (6 weeks)   Mondays   6-8:30pm  $186    DRAX 3068 211   Syn 60585  Online/Zoom  Class is full


Introduction to Voiceover II

Led by Cliff Miller, this class builds on the techniques and industry knowledge established in Intro to Voiceover, which is a prerequisite for taking this course. This class is designed for the individual who would like to take their interest in VO beyond the classroom and into the industry. We will continue to analyze, perform, and critique commercial and audiobook copy. In addition, we will begin working on the growing field of e-learning narration. Limited to 8 students. Materials needed: internet connection & audio/video capability with computer or tablet; updated (free) Zoom account.Cliff’s Voiceover II Syllabus   

Apr 18 – May 23  (6 weeks)   Tuesdays   6-8:30pm  $186    DRAX 4053 210   Syn  60586    Online/Zoom


Accents for Film & Stage

Led by Cliff Miller, this course introduces two important accents used for stage, film, television, and video games. In the Spring we’re offering Eastern European and Standard British (a.k.a. RP). Through Knight-Thompson Speechwork, a new standard-bearing approach to speech, students will acquire the skills to convincingly perform these accents. Areas of focus include developing the oral posture, learning how to create the unique pronunciations, and analyzing the “music” (rhythm, tempo, and intonation) of the accent. Studies include native speakers of these accents, and dialogue from stage and screen scripts will be utilized to apply the work. This course is for actors with and without speech training and for people who simply would enjoy learning two interesting accents. Limited to 10 students. Cliff’s Accents syllabus

Mar 20 – Apr 24  (6 weeks)   Mondays   6:30-9:00pm  $186    DRAX 3065 200   Syn  60686  Highland Campus Studio


Private Coaching for Singers

Led by Adam Roberts, Private coaching sessions with Adam Roberts are offered in musical theatre and contemporary vocal styles such as pop, folk, rock, etc. Coaching packages are tailored to each student’s unique goals and may include work toward preparing upcoming auditions, building a rep book, bolstering technique, expanding range, and strengthening a variety of performance skills. Coachings are available for adults from beginning through professional levels, and to advanced high school students. Adam’s Private Coaching for Singers Syllabus  

Lessons are once/week for 3 weeks (3 lessons). Schedule your day and time during the weeks indicated below by contacting booking@adamkroberts.com

Thursdays  Jan 5 – 19    (3 sessions)   $270   DRAX 3063 200 Syn 60699  Highland Campus Studio

Fridays  Jan 6 – 20    (3 sessions)   $270   DRAX 3063 201 Syn 60700  Highland Campus Studio

Thursdays  Feb 2 – 16    (3 sessions)   $270   DRAX 3063 202 Syn 60701  Highland Campus Studio

Fridays  Feb 3 – 17    (3 sessions)   $270   DRAX 3063 203 Syn 60702  Highland Campus Studio

Thursdays  Feb 23 – Mar 9    (3 sessions)   $270   DRAX 3063 204 Syn 60704  Highland Campus Studio

Fridays  Feb 24 – Mar 10    (3 sessions)   $270   DRAX 3063 205 Syn 60705  Highland Campus Studio

Thursdays  Apr 20 – May 4    (3 sessions)   $270   DRAX 3063 206 Syn 60707  Highland Campus Studio

Fridays  Apr 21 – May 5    (3 sessions)   $270   DRAX 3063 207 Syn 60708  Highland Campus Studio

Thursdays  May 11 – 25    (3 sessions)   $270   DRAX 3063 208 Syn 60710  Highland Campus Studio

Fridays  May 12 – 26    (3 sessions)   $270   DRAX 3063 209 Syn 60711  Highland Campus Studio



Private Coaching

Several teachers at The Actor’s School offer private studies to older teens and adults. Areas of study range from auditioning for film and stage, Shakespeare, Voice, Monologues and more. Contact the school for more information at theactorsschool@austincc.edu


Where our classes are held:

ACC Highland Campus – 6101 Highland Campus Dr, Austin, TX 78752, Bldg 4000 in our Studio – details sent upon registration.
ACC Northridge Campus – 11928 Stonehollow Dr, Austin, TX 78758 – Room number and details sent upon registration.