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Classes for Ages 18 and up



led by Tony Sears and Babs George

This is a beginning to advanced beginning acting class focusing on work for the camera. The emphasis is on developing a naturalistic acting style through connection, honesty, and vulnerability, and following intuitive impulse. The students’ work will be explored through exercises and scene study from film and television scripts.  Some videotaping and playback will be used for critique. 

For online class: Limited to 8 students. Platform: Zoom *Materials needed:  internet connection & audio/video capability with computer or tablet.

Jan 11 – Feb 15   (6 weeks)   Tuesdays   6:30-8:30pm   $151   DRAM 3010 210   (Online-Zoom) – Tony  Class is full

Jan 31 – Mar 7    (6 weeks)    Mondays   6:30-9:30pm   $216   DRAM 3010 200  Highland Campus Studio  – Babs   Class is full!

Mar 22 – Apr 26 (6 weeks)     Tuesdays   6:30-8:30pm  $151    DRAM 3010 211 (Online-Zoom) – Tony  Class is full!

Tony’s Acting for Film Syllabus  



led by Rick RoemerBrittany Flurry, & Paula Russell

A gentle approach to the beginner, this class will focus primarily on character development, script analysis, and monologue work for film and stage. Learn how to establish a character through uncovering their desire, utilizing an imaginary space, and developing a biography for your character. Develop your imaginative capacities, unleash your creative impulses, deepen your intuition, and sharpen the analytical skills necessary to “breakdown” a monologue or scene. 

For online class: Limited to 8 students. Platform: Zoom *Materials needed:  internet connection & audio/video capability with computer or tablet.

Jan 19 – Feb 23   (6 weeks)   Wednesdays   11am-2pm   $216   DRAM 3034 200  Highland Campus StudioRick Class is full! Taking Waitlist
Feb 14 – Mar 28   (6 weeks)   Mondays    6:30-9:00pm    $181    DRAM 3034 210   (Online-No class 3/14) -Brittany Class is full! Taking Waitlist
Mar 5- Apr 16     (6 weeks)    Saturdays   10:30am-1pm  $181   DRAM 3034 202   South Austin Campus   (No class 3/19) -Paula. Class is full! Taking Waitlist
Apr 4 – May 9      (6 weeks)    Mondays    6:30-9:30pm    $216    DRAM 3034 201   Northridge Campus – Rick

Rick’s Beginning Acting Syllabus
Brittany’s Beginning Acting Syllabus



led by John Ratliff

Improv is an indispensable asset for the actor, a great tool for development and self-discovery, and — maybe most important — FUN. In this class, we will explore the fundamental improv skills of paying close attention and reacting honestly, the essential ingredients of compelling scene work. It’s not about thinking fast or being funny! This class is open to everyone, from actors who want to upgrade their technical toolkit to people with no performance experience who want to try something a little challenging (but FUN!) in a super-supportive environment. This class will include a weekly 30-minute homework assignment that can be done in any space.

For online class: Limited to 8 students. Platform: Zoom *Materials needed:  internet connection & audio/video capability with computer or tablet.

Jan 26 – Mar 2   (6 weeks)   Wednesdays   6:30-9:00pm   $181   DRAX 4042 200   Northridge Campus  Class is Full!
Mar 1 – Apr 12   (6 weeks)   Tuesdays         6:30-8:30pm   $146   DRAX 4042 210   (Online- Zoom)   (No class 3/15) Class is Full! Taking waitlist

John’s Improv Syllabus



led by Craig Nigh

This class is a must for film and television actors, particularly for auditions. This course offers a step-by-step process for examining scripts quickly and thoroughly.  Having a clear perception of the writer’s intentions will help inform the choices an actor makes and gives ultimate creative freedom inside the context of the story.  This class also focuses on a connection (with another actor or reader), and basic camera technique.  Scenes are recorded for playback and critique.  

For online class: Limited to 8 students.  Online platform: Zoom  *Materials needed:  internet connection & audio/video capability with computer or tablet.

Feb 19 – Mar 12   (4 weeks)   Saturdays   11am-1:00pm   $106   DRAX 3062 200   (Online-Zoom) Class is full! 
Apr 2 – Apr 3   (2 days)   Sat/Sun   10am-2:00pm   $106   DRAX 3062 210    (Online- Zoom) Canceled

Craig’s Page to Performance Syllabus



led by Tony Sears

This class is for students with previous film acting training.  Tony Sears focuses on achieving an honest and vulnerable performance for the camera.  The emphasis is on energy and making choices that highlight the actor’s power to tell a story.  Students will explore the work through scene study from film and television scripts with some videotaping and playback for evaluation.  Suggested prerequisite: Two or more beginning acting classes, Acting II For Film & Stage, or other previous acting training/experience.

Limited to 8 students. Online Platform: Zoom.  Materials Needed:  internet connection & audio/video capabilities with computer or tablet.

Jan 27 – Mar 3   (6 weeks)   Thursdays    6:30-8:30pm    $151   DRAX 3003 210   (Online- Zoom) Class is full! 
Apr 28 – Jun 2   (6 weeks)    Thursdays    6:30-8:30pm    $151  DRAX 3003 211   (Online- Zoom) 

Tony’s Acting for Film II Syllabus



led by Rick Roemer

This pre-intermediate course is for students who have taken previous beginning acting classes,

including Beginning Acting for Film & Stage, and would like to build upon the foundation they have received. Students will practice using scenes or monologues. The focus will be on strengthening text breakdown and analysis and following one’s inner impulses to create a powerful need to speak. Additionally, students will explore their imaginative responses and emotional accessibility.

Limited to 10 students

Mar 2 – Apr 13    (6 weeks)    Wednesdays   6:30-9:30pm    $216    DRAM 9002 200    Northridge Campus   (No class 3/16)

Mar 24 – Apr 28   (6 weeks)   Thursdays      6:30-9:30pm     $216    DRAM 9002 201   Highland Campus 

Rick’s Acting II Syllabus



led by John Ratliff

This class expands on the basic principles of improv by going deep into the nuts and bolts of scene work. The class will cover the most common categories of improv scene and explore the many different approaches to playing them. (There’s never just one right answer!) Other topics include the practical challenge of creating fully realized characters on the fly and the productive tension between absurd circumstances and emotionally grounded performance. Important note: this class is also a lot of fun! This class is for students who have successfully completed Improvisation for the Actor. Students who have taken introductory improv classes elsewhere may be eligible to take this class at the instructor’s discretion.

Limited to 10 students

Mar 31 – May 5   (6 weeks)   Thursdays   6:30-9:00pm   $181   DRAX 3081 200   Northridge Campus

John’s Improv II Syllabus



led by Tony Sears

Students should have prior training and confidence in their craft. This class is designed to give actors the tools and the confidence to go out and compete in the marketplace. This class deals with both The Business of Acting and Self-taping your Audition. It covers: headshots that “work,” building a resume and demo reel, self-promotion, approaching agents, and more. Self-taping will involve the technical how-to’s such as: setting up the proper space, framing, lighting and sound, slating, editing, labeling and uploading. Students will also learn how to make blocking and behavior choices that work within the confines of the camera frame to create auditions that look good and stand out. Students should already have prior acting training and be ready to audition in the real world. Students will need one device (camera, phone, etc) to shoot their scene and a separate device to read with another actor over facetime/skype/zoom, etc.

Limited to 12 students. Online platform: Zoom *Materials needed:  internet connection & audio/video capability with computer or tablet.

Mar 23 – May 4   (7 weeks)   Wednesdays   6:30-8:30pm   $176   DRAX 3083 210  (Online- Zoom) One spot available!

Tony’s ACTION! Syllabus



led by Rick Roemer

This course is available for students who have had Acting II or other comparable training. Ongoing Scene Study is the best opportunity for actors to flex their ‘acting muscles’ and refine their craft on a consistent basis- it is a weekly workout to be ready when the opportunity arises. Students will test their performance abilities in a safe and playful environment. Through working on realistic scenes both comedic and dramatic, actors discover their strengths and weaknesses with the help of a trained teacher’s eye.  Limited to 10 students.

Apr 12 – May 31   (8 weeks)   Tuesdays   6:30-9:30pm   $286   DRAX 3084 200   Highland Campus




led by Cliff Miller

This online course provides an introduction to the field of voiceover for actors and curious individuals. We will cover acting for voiceover, home studio setup, mic technique, and recording and editing. Through analyzing, performing, and critiquing voiceover copy, we will explore the many areas of voiceover while focusing on commercial and audiobook narration. Through repeatedly sharing our work and learning from others, we will develop foundational voiceover skills and reinforce the course’s learning objectives.

Limited to 8 students. Online platform: Zoom Materials needed: internet connection & audio/video capability with computer or tablet.

Jan 11 – Feb 15    (6 weeks)   Tuesdays   6:00-8:30 pm   $181   DRAX 3068 210    (Online- Zoom)  Class is full! 

Jan 31 – Mar 7     (6 weeks)    Monday     6:00-8:30pm    $181    DRAX 3068 212    (Online-Zoom) Class is full! 

Apr 19 – May 24   (6 weeks)   Tuesdays   6:00-8:30 pm    $181   DRAX 3068 211    (Online- Zoom) Class is full! 

Cliff’s Intro to Voiceover Syllabus  



led by Cliff Miller

Must have taken Cliff’s Intro to VO to be eligible for this class. The class builds on the techniques and industry-knowledge established in Intro to Voiceover. This class is designed for the individual who would like to take their interest in VO beyond the classroom and into the industry. We will continue to analyze, perform, and critique commercial and audiobook copy. In addition, we will begin working on the growing field of e-learning narration.

Limited to 8 students. Online Platform: Zoom. Materials needed: internet connection & audio/video with capability with computer or tablet.

Mar 1 – Apr 12   (6 weeks)   Tuesdays   6:30-9:00 pm   $181   DRAX 4053 210   (Online- Zoom)   (No class 3/15) One spot left!

Cliff’s Voiceover II Syllabus  



led by Cliff Miller

This course introduces two important accents (used) for stage, film, television, and video games. In the spring we’re offering American Southern and German. Through Knight-Thompson Speechwork, a new standard bearing approach to speech, students will acquire the skills to convincingly perform these accents. Areas of focus include developing the oral posture, learning how to create the unique pronunciations, and analyzing the “music” (rhythm, tempo, and intonation) of the accent. Studies include native speakers of these accents, and dialogue from stage and screen scripts will be utilized to apply the work. This course is for actors with and without speech training and for people who simply would enjoying learning two interesting accents.

Apr 4- May 9   (6 weeks)   Mondays   6:30-9:00 pm   $216   DRAX 3065 200   Online class via Zoom 

Cliff’s Accents syllabus



led by Adam Roberts

This class is intended for anyone desiring to increase the power and impact of their speaking voice. Training in healthy vocal production is an essential part of speaking intentionally in any situation, from the stage or screen to the classroom or boardroom. In this course, you’ll learn a variety of techniques for preparing and utilizing your natural voice to speak confidently in a variety of environments. The first few classes will focus on active exercises designed to healthily engage the various aspects of vocal production, while the final sessions will practically apply what you’ve learned to scenes, speeches, interpersonal communication, and presentations.

Course canceled until the summer due to mask mandate.



led by Adam Roberts

Private coaching sessions with Adam Roberts are offered in musical theatre and contemporary vocal styles such as pop, folk, rock, etc. Coaching packages are tailored to each student’s unique goals and may include work toward preparing upcoming auditions, building a rep book, bolstering technique, expanding range, and strengthening a variety of performance skills. Coachings are available for adults from beginning through professional levels, and to advanced high school students. 

For Online Platform:  Zoom.  Materials needed: internet connection & audio/video capability with computer or tablet.

Lessons are once/week for 4 weeks (4 lessons). Schedule your day and time during the weeks indicated below by contacting booking@adamkroberts.com

Jan 18 – Feb 11    (4 sessions)   $361    DRAX 3063 210   (Online – Zoom) 

Feb 15 – Mar 11   (4 sessions)    $361   DRAX 3063 211   (Online – Zoom) 

Mar 22 – Apr 15   (4 sessions)   $361   DRAX 3063 212    (Online – Zoom)

Apr 26 – May 20   (4 sessions)   $361   DRAX 3063 213    (Online – Zoom)

Adam’s Private Coaching for Singers Syllabus  


Several teachers at The Actor’s School offer private studies to older teens and adults. Areas of study range from auditioning for film and stage, Shakespeare, Voice, Monologues and more.

Contact the school for more information at theactorsschool@austincc.edu


Where our classes are held:

Fall 2021 has both virtual and face-to-face classes

ACC Highland Campus – Bldg 4000 in our Studio space & Northridge Campus in Bldg 3000