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Improvisation I

Led by John Ratliff, this class provides proof that Improv is an indispensable asset for the actor, a great tool for development and self-discovery, and – maybe most important – FUN! In this class, we will explore the fundamental improv skills of paying close attention and reacting honestly, the essential ingredients of compelling scene work. It’s not about thinking fast or being funny! This class is open to everyone, from actors who want to upgrade their technical toolkit to people with no performance experience who want to try something a little challenging (but FUN!) in a super-supportive environment. Limited to 12 students. John’s Improv Syllabus

Jan 23 – Feb 27   (6 weeks)   Mondays   6:30-9:00pm    $191   DRAX 4042 200  Syn 60691  Northridge Campus – This class is full.

Apr 1 – May 6   (6 weeks)   Saturdays   10-12:30pm    $191   DRAX 4042 201  Syn 65557  Northridge Campus


Improvisation II

Led by John Ratliff, this class expands on the basic principles of improv by going deep into the nuts and bolts of scene work. The class will cover the most common categories of improv scenes and explore the many different approaches to playing them. (There’s never just one right answer!) Other topics include the practical challenge of creating fully realized characters on the fly and the productive tension between absurd circumstances and emotionally grounded performance. Important note: you will laugh a lot in this class. This class is for students who have successfully completed Improvisation I. Students who have taken introductory improv classes elsewhere may be eligible to take this class at the instructor’s discretion. Limited to 12 students. John’s Improv II Syllabus

Mar 20 – April 24   (6 weeks)   Mondays   6:30-9:00pm   $191   DRAX 3081 200   Syn 60688    Northridge Campus


Improvisation for Advanced Actors

Led by John Ratliff, this class confirms that Improv is an essential component of any working actor’s toolkit. Both in auditions and on set, improv is increasingly used as a supplement to scripted material. Facility with the basic improvisational principles allows actors to be comfortable and confident in these situations, and in some cases might even provide an edge in casting decisions. On a deeper level, improv accesses the full range of actors’ creativity and intuition, enlarging the sense of what’s possible — even in scripted roles. The fundamental principles of improv — being present in the moment, paying close attention to your scene partner, trusting your gut — can help you turn an actor’s hard-earned craft into transcendent art. Also, it’s fun! Improv can help people rediscover the sense of joy that got them into acting in the first place, and remind actors that ultimately what we’re doing is just playing together. We’ll work hard in class, but always in a supportive and positive environment that allows all to feel safe in stretching abilities and trying new things. Limited to 12 students.

Mar 25 – May 13   (8 weeks)   Saturdays   10am – 12:30 p.m.   $281   DRAX 3090 200   Syn 60692   Northridge Campus – This class is postponed to a future semester.


Where our classes are held:

ACC Highland Campus – 6101 Highland Campus Dr, Austin, TX 78752, Bldg 4000 in our Studio – details sent upon registration.
ACC Northridge Campus – 11928 Stonehollow Dr, Austin, TX 78758 – Room number and details sent upon registration.