Two to three courses per semester are recommended. These are just our suggestions. However, you are welcome to orchestrate a curriculum that works for you as long as you are aware of the required prerequisites for the intermediate classes (which can be found on our class listings). We are also here to help you find the next best step for you.

If you need further assistance in planning your schedule, feel free to contact us at

Note: When it comes to acting training, a six-week course is just the tip of the iceberg! You will learn so much more and be able to go deeper by repeating classes, with the same instructor, or trying someone new! Often, teachers change up what they teach from session to session, allowing new ideas, and the chance to further your training. There’s also the chance that a light bulb will go off for something you’d learned previously.


  1. Beginning Acting for Film & Stage
  2. Acting for Film
  3. Improvisation for the Actor
  1. Beginning Acting for Film & Stage repeated with same or different instructor
  2. Acting II for Film & Stage
  3. Acting for Film or Film II
  4. Improvisation II for the Actor
  5. Acting in Commercials
  1. Acting II or Ongoing Scene Study (requires instructor approval)
  2. Improvisation II
  3. Film II
  4. Acting in Commercials
  5. Self-Taping your Auditions
  6. The Business of Acting


  1. Accents for Film & Stage
  2. Intro to Voiceover & Intro to VO II
  3. The Creativity of Acting
  4. Shakespeare’a Verse

GREAT CLASSES TO REPEAT (as well as any acting classes)

  1. Improvisation for the Actor
  2. Private Coaching for Singers
  3. Any Acting classes and for the more trained: Advanced Scene Study