What are students saying about The Actor’s School? 

The Actor’s school offers such a wide variety of classes that are practical, fun, and challenging to both the actor and non-actor alike. I’ve been pleased time and time again. In each class I’ve taken, I’ve been amazed by their professionalism and friendly teaching styles. The teachers are consistently using encouragement and openness, but also push you for more and always offer great insight to help you grow. Honestly, I’ve grown so much over the past year through taking their classes. It’s helped further my development as a creative artist and person. Can’t wait to go back for more this next year! –Kimberly H.

The Actor’s School is the place to learn how to find about being yourself on camera.  Each instructor that I have encountered has provided excellent advice and training tips to help move me forward in the direction of my goals. –David A.


What are students saying about our teachers? 

Babs George: 

Babs is a lovely and wonderful teacher.  She really cares about helping her students learn and does it in such a kind caring way.  She makes everyone feel comfortable and is really just an outstanding teacher. –Kacie G.

I was enrolled into the class on a dare by a cousin. I’m 56 and the thought of performing had been in head for years, but was over ruled by fear. Once I crossed the threshold on the first night I was welcomed by a great group of students and a wonderful teacher. I will look back on those six weeks with fond memories the rest of my life. –Bruce G.

Ms George your joi du’vie is pleasant and motivating! Keep loving what you do so well! Ron B.

Babs is a wonderfully gifted actor & teacher, her classroom environment is comfortable & encouraging. I 100% recommend her class for actors & non-actors alike- it’s great fun to stretch those creative & imaginative ‘muscles’ that allow us to be more present in our lives. –Laura W.


Brittany Flurry:

Brittany created and maintained an environment that felt safe and inspiring, I left each class session feeling great and highly motivated. Her direction and feedback were always spot on and achievable. I’m now enrolled in my 5th acting Semester at ACC and am looking forward to even more fun! –Alan D.

Brittany has a way of making everyone feel comfortable which is so important in acting in that it fosters and allows for one to become vulnerable on stage.  Also, she is fun and engaging and provides helpful feedback. –Lily O.

I loved this class with Brittany! I think I’m more confident and more comfortable with the camera! I enjoyed it so much, I took it twice! I’m looking forward to auditions now and I feel more confident about them because of what I’ve gained in this class!  –Rebecca C. 


Mj Vandivier:

One of the most important class everyone should consider for personal improvement. –Lina L.

Mj Vandivier is an awesome teacher. –Manuel M.

Great class to improve your speaking skills. –Ma B.


Nick Stevenson:

Nick is a great instructor. He’s a working actor so he knows what today’s actors need in order to stay up to date on honing their craft. –Brian E.

Nick Stevenson is a wonderful talented actor!  His accent is very elegant and when he coached me, he stretched me inside where I discovered new internal tools to make my performances more organic!  His classes are challenging and fun!  –Rebeca M.

Having Nick as a teacher is a wonderful opportunity.  He is well-rounded and a very experienced actor, so you now that you are getting to learn from the best.  He knows his stuff, and is very thorough when teaching. He really wants each and every one of his students to succeed and will do all that he can to get them there.  –Elissa C.


Rick Roemer:

Professor Roemer created an excellent and safe environment of trust. He sets the gold standard for balancing criticisms, instruction, and positive notes. His professional teaching demeanor is superior and he treats all students with fairness. He doesn’t just tell students they do not understand, or they are not doing something correctly, or they are not up to speed, he compassionately identifies each student’s challenges and gives each student usable, clear, constructive, instructions to address and resolve problems. He not only balances critical notes with positive comments, he provides excellent detailed instructions regarding how to improve a student’s performance in a safe and trustworthy practice environment. –Wendy B.

Rick made the class an easy, comfortable learning environment without stress and pressure. –Ivan D.

Rick Roemer made my first acting class one I’m sure to remember! He has a gentle yet firm approach which both challenges and inspires his students. He uses a lot of positive feedback combined with constructive criticism, and I really feel like I experienced significant growth from his teaching. I can’t wait to learn even more from him in his next class! –Molly L.


John Ratliff:

Friendly, informative, engaging, kind helpful, knowledgeable.  I couldn’t ask for a better improv teacher. Thank you, John! I wanted to take improv to improve my audition and acting skills.  Success! I booked a short film while taking the course. Coincidence?  I think not! –Teresa S.

Ratliff is knowledge, sensitive, witty mature and also child-like when needed and definitely super fun to learn from. The three hours flew every single encounter.  John has has efficiently demonstrated mastery in class management, especially given the fact that we were a large group, and not all us aspiring actors. Great job, teacher! –Carolina M.


Adam Roberts:

Adam is an incredibly talented musical theater coach / teacher.  He is super knowledgable and connects with all of his students in a way that seems to enable each person to reach their highest potential.   Adam’s class is super fun and engaging, the time literally flies by. – Lily O.

Adam Roberts is so professional, knowledgeable in so many areas, and compassionate.  He makes you feel comfortable in your skin. -Sue B.

Adams classes are both fun and enlightening. Over time I’ve become more confident    “acting the song”, my breath control is much improved, and I’ve become a pretty decent musical comedy singer. I wouldn’t hesitate to audition for a musical, whereas before Adam’s class, that was unimaginable. -Patrick C.