Wesley Powell Riddle

Welcome our guest teacher- Wesley Powell Riddle! 

We’re happy to have him lead the behind the camera and film coaching aspect for our Teen Film Camp!

Meet Wesley:

Wesley Powell Riddle spent his early career working his silent film chops on such talkies as Deliverance Creek* (Lifetime Network), From Dusk Til Dawn the series** (El Rey Network), and Divine Access***(Traveling Picture Show Company). He was given a voice for Behind the Nose**** for the first time and hasn’t looked back! Wesley is SAG eligible.

*If you look closely the hand (that should be my hand) holding the watch is in fact not my hand. I had a hand double!
**Wilmer was really awesome, even after he cut my throat.
***Gary Cole and Patrick Warburton had an epic John Wayne impersonation off. It. Was. Awesome!
*****We totally knew exactly what we were doing at all times. 😉